More About Me


Growing up I heard the story of my Dad building our family home so at an early age I dissected the details of what must have gone into each and every step. Although Dad spent his life in computers the idea of his effort sparked my interest at a young age. Around age 15 I got a taste of the business of Real Estate as I began working for my good friend's dad's business Wall and Sons a custom home builder. I worked with others throughout high school sweeping and cleaning new construction sites for custom homes calling ourselves The CUC (cleanup crew). This experience introduced me to the business of homes importance of presentation and the detail necessary for marketing high end home products from breaking ground to handing over keys.
However what sets me apart from other Real Estate Agents is what I did between those early years and my career as a high performing Real Estate Agent. In college I worked in the crystal growing lab of a wafer fabrication plant for Motorola and went on to built automated robotic machinery of different functions used in the semiconductor industries. After receiving my Bachelor Degree from Arizona State University in Business and Urban Planning I continued in technology working in account management marketing and sales for Xerox. Wanting to work for myself I bought a landscaping company but found that my love for science and helping others was telling me something different. I began working in a hospital setting managing patient logistics and software systems for east valley Dignity Health hospitals.
Today I find myself back to my roots wrapping all of life's wonderful experiences into a well rounded background that allows me to speak to many topics; but most of all I love to really connect with people. I find that I function best in the roll of providing value-added services where I connect with people and people to their dreams. In Real Estate I serve people by guiding them through every step of finding and purch